Pain – Really???

You crave and wait for it, Even if its not there… By going through it , you say, Life you are not fair… It’s going to come, Even if it’s late… But being a human, You always curse your fate… Once it’s gone life is total fun, Because you reach your destination.. But to laugh […]

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Love is like a fire, You burn with desire. You need fuel of aspire, To light with admire… It takes a lot to burn, Sometimes hate sometimes fun. Heart needs to be soft as cotton, To expect nothing in return… Fire arise from both candle and sun, For a wise man same job is done. […]

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Dowry- The actual price

Dowry is a tradition or practice, But its very old.. Its torture for the girls, But truth is the boys are sold.. Marriage needs to be managed carefully, Like a toy in a mould.. People need to search for love and respect, But they look for money and gold.. Amount of dowry is actually a […]

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