Life asked,¬†what is your main goal, I said, depends on how you play the role.. Life says, unsuccessful people can’t answer their soul, I said, don’t worry, till then you wont exist anymore. Listening , life want’s to give me a tight slap, I raise hand and turn it to a clap. I said, we […]

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Your LIFE and YOU

People HATE each other, Then too create issue and interfere. Never stay together, But always politely appear. Want to scabrous the matter, And sideshow without fear. So stop making other’s life bitter, And focus on your’ to be better. Simply Focus on your life, Don’t make anyone other. It’s like cooking your food sweet, And […]

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Pain – Really???

You crave and wait for it, Even if its not there… By going through it , you say, Life you are not fair… It’s going to come, Even if it’s late… But being a human, You always curse your fate… Once it’s gone life is total fun, Because you reach your destination.. But to laugh […]

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Love is like a fire, You burn with desire. You need fuel of aspire, To light with admire… It takes a lot to burn, Sometimes hate sometimes fun. Heart needs to be soft as cotton, To expect nothing in return… Fire arise from both candle and sun, For a wise man same job is done. […]

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Dowry- The actual price

Dowry is a tradition or practice, But its very old.. Its torture for the girls, But truth is the boys are sold.. Marriage needs to be managed carefully, Like a toy in a mould.. People need to search for love and respect, But they look for money and gold.. Amount of dowry is actually a […]

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